von dem Raume. von der Zeit

von dem Raume. von der Zeit

In von dem Raume. von der Zeit performer and philosopher Elisabeth Van Dam improvises within the lines of a geometrically drawn room, those of the camera and those of a minimal choreography constrained by both the room and the camera. During her evolution through the given space she continuously tries over certain movements. From time to time yet another movement or sound breaks through these repetitions.

The improvised dance, the filmed room and its time form a visual metaphor for Kants expositions about space and time. In time the accustomed space, determining and constraining our movements, is traced and left ajar by the dancer to constitute extended possibilities of movement and thought.


  1. Brussels Short Film Festival multimedia library—May 2011
  2. Thinking through dance, Roehampton University, London at a lecture by Elisabeth Van Dam—February 26th, 2011
  3. International Film Festival Ghent 2010, festival premiere at Vooruit's theaterzaal—October 19th, 2010.
  4. Group exhibition Kapellekensbaan nr. 2, Beveren, Belgium. The video was presented as part of Elisabeth Van Dam’s contribution to the exhibition, 20 june–25 july 2010

Festival note

“Voor Co(te)lette wordt In von dem Raume, von der Zeit van Arnaud Coolsaet vertoond. Hij filmt danseres Elisabeth Van Dam die improviseert binnen de krijtlijnen van een geometrische ruimte en die van de camera. De herhaalde bewegingen en de improvisatie binnen de rechtlijnige ruimte visualiseren een nood en een drang om de tijd en de ruimte anders op te nemen. In dit kortfilmdebuut vallen vooral de subtiele, gestroomlijnde filmische beeldwisselingen op. Wereldpremière op 19 oktober, 20 u., Theaterzaal Vooruit.”
International Film Festival Ghent 2010